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CareDoula® Calculators

Cost of Doing Business

Plug in your figures in the boxes in yellow. The calculator will do the rest.

Your Paycheck is considered to be all the hours you worked in each category multiplied by your hourly rate.

Things to consider:

• What tax bracket are you in? You must save this amount yourself for taxes.
• Find out from your accountant how you are to deal with your taxes from this business and do what they
• This is a very basic calculator to get you thinking in “numbers.” Even if you volunteer your services, you need to know the value of what you are volunteering.
• Are you running a business or are you engaging in a hobby?
o If you are engaging in a hobby, how much can you spend on it each month?
o If you are running a business, are you charging high enough rates to support yourself?
• Do not quit your day job until you know exactly what these numbers need to be to support you and your family.
• With your eyes open you will be clear how much energy you must spend to get what you want.