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* You will be using this Total Session Rate in your ‘Cost of Doing Business’ Calculator

SESSIONS: This calculator will help you decide how much your actual session rate should be based on the time you spend in a session and all costs related to that visit. You also need to add an additional  (Add on Charge for Session) that will enable you to run your business, invest in yourself and your business and care for yourself and your family.

Plug in your figures in the boxes in yellow. The calculator will do the rest.

This will give you a clearer picture of what your time is worth.

You need to calculate the hours you serve, the drive time and auto expenses for each session. You can do auto expenses as a flat expense or calculate mileage. Look up
in your tax guide the best way to handle this for your situation.

Manipulate these figures until you are satisfied with your hourly rate and total session rate.

Ideally,  for our type of service, you you should have a 2-hour session rate, a 4-hour session rate, a full-day, and a 24-hour day (if you will be doing or arranging for this. Normally the:
normal 2-hour session is highest rate,
the 4-hour session is a little less that twice the normal session
the full day session (8 hours) is a little less than double the 4-hour session
The 12-hour session is a little less than 3 times the 4-hour session and make sure it’s a little less than the 4-hour session too.
If you are doing evenings, charge a premium for that. (7 – 11pm)
If you are doing 11pm – 7am, charge an additional premium.

Example: If you are a respite companion or a vigil companion and you choose a session rate of $200
2-hour: $200
4-hour: $380
Full day (8 hours): $750
12-hours: $1080

Evening premium: charge more for this 
Night premium: charge more than evening

This is a very conservative pricing schedule, based on what you will be doing. Some of you will never offer more than a 2 or 4 hour visit. Some of you will be willing to arrange for 24 hour care. If you are going to be getting assistance for a sitter for eves and overnights, consider paying someone very well, between $18 – 20/hour based on their skillset.